Tarakeshwor-07, Kathmandu, Nepal

Welcome to Our School

Rosemary Idol Boarding School, established in 2072 B.S, is an ISA Awarded school, where excellence in education meets a nurturing and inclusive environment. We are a renowned educational institution committed to providing a holistic and transformative learning experience to our students.

At Rosemary Idol Boarding School, we believe in the power of education to shape young minds and empower them to reach their fullest potential. With a rich history spanning several decades, our school has consistently strived to create an environment that fosters academic excellence, character development, and personal growth.


Our Facilities/Services

CCTV Surveillance

In the age of technology, our computer lab provides students with the necessary resources to develop digital literacy and skills. Equipped with modern computers and software, the lab enables students to enhance their understanding of computer science, programming, and digital applications. Whether it’s coding, graphic design, or research, the computer lab serves as a hub […]

Adequate Indoor and Outdoor Games

Physical fitness and sports are an integral part of the Rosemary Idol Boarding School experience. We offer a range of sports facilities and opportunities for students to participate in various athletic activities. Our sports program encourages teamwork, discipline, and healthy competition, while also promoting an active lifestyle. From basketball and football to athletics and yoga, […]

Hygienic & Nutritious Food

The school’s canteen offers a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals to cater to the dietary needs and preferences of our students. Our dedicated team of chefs and staff ensures that the food served is hygienic, balanced, and prepared with the utmost care. The canteen provides a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere where students can […]

Transportation Facilities

Rosemary Idol Boarding School understands the importance of safe and reliable transportation for our students. We provide transportation services to ensure that students can commute to and from school conveniently and securely. Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles is driven by trained and responsible drivers who prioritize the safety and comfort of our students. With our […]

Library with Sufficient Books

Our school boasts a well-stocked library that serves as a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. The library offers an extensive collection of books, ranging from academic textbooks to fiction and non-fiction literature. Students can immerse themselves in the world of literature, explore different genres, and enhance their reading skills. The serene environment of the […]

Well-equipped Science Lab

At Rosemary Idol Boarding School, we have a state-of-the-art science lab equipped with the latest tools and equipment. The lab provides students with a hands-on learning experience, allowing them to conduct experiments, analyze data, and explore scientific concepts in a practical manner. Under the guidance of our knowledgeable teachers, students have the opportunity to engage […]

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