Tarakeshwor-07, Kathmandu, Nepal

Last day of submission of Project

Dear Students,

This is to inform all the Class 10 students that the deadline for submitting your Science project report is fast approaching. We kindly request your prompt attention to complete and submit your project report by the given deadline.

Project Topic: [Insert Science Project Topic]

Submission Deadline: 15th June 2023

The Science project report holds significant importance in assessing your understanding and application of scientific concepts. It is an opportunity for you to showcase your research, critical thinking, and presentation skills. We encourage you to put your best efforts into creating an informative and well-structured project report.

Please ensure that your project report includes the following components:

  1. Introduction: Clearly define the purpose, objectives, and hypothesis of your project.
  2. Methodology: Explain the experimental procedure, materials used, and variables involved.
  3. Results and Analysis: Present your findings in a systematic manner using tables, graphs, or charts. Analyze and interpret the data obtained.
  4. Conclusion: Summarize the outcomes of your project, highlighting the significance and implications of your findings.
  5. References: Include a list of the sources consulted and cited in your project report.

It is essential to maintain proper formatting, grammar, and organization in your project report. Remember to use reliable scientific terminology and provide accurate citations to acknowledge the work of others.

The submission of the project report should be made to your respective Science teacher or the designated submission box. Late submissions will not be accepted unless due to exceptional circumstances approved by the school administration.

For any queries or assistance regarding your Science project, feel free to approach your Science teacher during the designated consultation hours.

We wish you all the best in completing your Science project report. Let this opportunity be a platform for showcasing your scientific knowledge and creativity.


[Your Name] [Designation] [School Name]